Friendly & Helpful Customer Service

Equally as important as our guarantee to make sure your car is clean and shiny, is our promise that our customer service will exceed your expectations and create a safe environment. Our employees are carefully selected to meet our company standards of service, integrity, and passion. Our employees love to have fun and help out everyone who uses El Car Wash for their car cleaning needs!

State of the Art Equipment

From our equipment inside the wash tunnels to the car-safe products and chemicals we use, everything we wash your car with is carefully selected and tested to make sure it delivers the cleanest car possible, with a signature Miami Shine.

Our Ceramic and El best wash packages feature our Platinum Series products. These innovative, custom blended chemicals are the highest grade products available and produce a higher quality end product than the generic chemicals on the market today. Try one of our top two packages and we guarantee you will notice a difference.

Eco Friendly

Water is a precious resource that we don’t take the use of lightly. We reclaim up to 90% of water and reuse it for as many car washes as we can. We also support the use of an express car wash as opposed to washing at home as the run-off chemicals into neighborhood drainage can damage local aqua habitat.