Can you take a Convertible through a Car Wash?

Convertibles and Car Washes

Florida is one of the best places in the world to own a convertible! But at El Car Wash, we often receive a lot of questions about washing a convertible in a drive thru automatic car wash. However, there are two types of convertibles, soft top and hard top. The concern is often directed more towards soft top convertibles.

Can you take a Convertible through a Car Wash?

Below are our answers based on the type of convertible you own:

Hard Top Convertibles

Most vehicle manufacturers give a green light on driving a hard top convertible through an automatic car wash. The reason is fairly obvious. Hard tops structures are sturdier, and with better insulation. And because these vehicles are better insulated, there is no need to be concerned about water leaks seeping in while going through an automatic wash. Also, with a hard top, there is not as likely a chance for scratching or damaging the car top; because it is not made of fabric or other soft materials.

Soft Top Convertibles

Unfortunately, this type of convertible is more susceptible to damages when using an automatic drive thru car wash.  Soft top convertibles are just that ‘soft top’. Most of these vehicles’ tops are made with vinyl or fabric. Therefore, most require waterproofing simply from rainfall. And so, protection is also required when washing your vehicle. Also, the material on the top of these convertibles may become scratched or discolored from brush automatic car wash systems. However, tunnel car washes are gentler and these systems are manufactured to be a solution for washing almost any type of vehicle, including soft top convertibles. Nonetheless, most of the modern day car washes offer hand wash and detail services for those who are apprehensive about washing a soft top convertible in an automatic car wash.

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