Bird Doo and Insect Splats! Why You Need a Dependable Car Wash in Florida

There are so many culprits that will destroy paint on vehicles in Florida if they are not washed and detailed regularly. At the top of the list of offenders is bird doo (aka: bird poop or bird droppings). One of the reasons so many people love Florida is because of the consistent, beautiful, warm weather. This (in addition to an amazing ocean and many lakes and rivers) literally draws newcomers daily from all over the world. Unfortunately, the birds and insects enjoy this region as well. And our vehicles (literally) take the biggest hits.

Bird Doo and Insect Splats! Why You Need a Dependable Car Wash in Florida

Does Bird Poop Ruin Car Paint?

The answer to this question is a definite yes. As a matter of fact, bird poop is an equivalent to acid rain as far as pH levels. And as soon as the bird doo makes its way onto car paint, it begins to seep into the vehicle’s clear coat and can create an ineradicable stain if not removed quickly. Needless to say, we have some large birds here in Florida and many flock together. It’s not uncommon for vehicles to take a double, triple hit or more at one time making a mess! This not only causes major embarrassment, but will torture your vehicle’s paint.

Why Florida Love Bugs Aren’t so Loveable to Your Car

If you have encountered running into Florida love bugs (aka: honeymoon flies) while traveling throughout the state, you are well aware of the mess they not only make to your windshield. But many drivers are unaware of the damage these pests can do to other parts of their vehicle.  Love bugs are a nuisance to a vehicle’s paint and can also cause other problems with vehicle radiators and commercial equipment.  Travelers in the day will experience more of a problem with Love Bugs, as the bugs tend to choose daylight hours for swarming. Love Bugs seem to be more prevalent in the Treasure Coast and further north in Brevard County.

What is a Love Bug?

The ‘Love Bug’ is a spring nectar feeder and it belongs to the Bibionidae family of flies and measures from 4 to 10 mm. They get their name because males fly and swarm above females (and often in flight). The males hover over their mate by orienting with the wind.

Florida Love Bug Season begins in May of each year and lasts about four weeks; and during that time can cause a lot of problems for drivers. These bugs tend to congregate in vast numbers along busy roads and highways causing major insect splats on windshields, bumpers and paint along the way. Florida drivers are often forced to get off the freeway to get their windshields and wipers cleaned. As their wipers become filled with these squashed insects and impair vision to the point of possible danger. It is a real nuisance when you just want to be on your way.

Best Way to Remove Bird Doo and Love Bugs in Florida

There are a whole lot of methods that have been suggested for removing love bugs from vehicles. However, many include using abrasive products to remove the bugs that can cause scratches and other damages to vehicles. The best way to remove bird doo, Love Bugs (or any type of bug) and other debris is with a professional who knows how to detail and wash your car effectively and carefully.

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