Every time you wash at El Car Wash, you are saving approximately


Washing At El Car Wash

When you wash with us, you’re helping conserve water and dispose of soap and chemicals through environmentally safe methods. El Car Wash uses biodegradable chemicals, and we dispose of our waste by removing most solids and directly disposing of the remaining liquids into the sanitary sewer system where they are properly treated and processed. We also recycle 88% of the water we use through a PurWater Reclaim System.

washing at home

The average at-home car wash uses up to 140 gallons of water. Not only does washing at home waste water, but pollution generated from a driveway car wash goes down storm drains – meaning untreated chemicals are discharged into area streams and rivers.

The chemicals, asphalt, engine and brake residue, antifreeze, grease, oil, rust and asbestos that you wash from your car can clog storm drains and harm wildlife.

Don’t Just Listen To Us:

Visit WaterSavers to find out more and join the conservation efforts!