El Car Wash is an Official Employer of The de Moya Foundation

El Car Wash Launches Neurodivergent Hiring Program

MIAMI, Aug. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — El Car Wash, the premier car wash operator in Florida, has launched its Neurodivergent Hiring Program in partnership with The de Moya Foundation, with one goal in mind: to lead the way in innovation and workplace community.

El Car Wash has over 30 operating stores, across various Florida markets, including Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Brevard County. El Car Wash’s operating locations, in conjunction with its sites under development, will expand the company’s footprint to over 60 locations in the coming months.

“I’m proud of what we will be able to accomplish together with The de Moya Foundation. Valuing people and providing them with fulfilling careers and a deep commitment to our local community are core pillars of our culture” stated Jia Kruger, Director of People & Culture at El Car Wash.

As an official employer partner of The de Moya Foundation, El Car Wash is committed to creating employment opportunities for young adults with unique abilities.

“El Car Wash isn’t just a car wash company, we’re a community of hundreds of employees and more than 160,000 members. We believe in being the best at what we do both operationally, and in raising the bar for a new standard of workplace culture. It’s not just feel good, drive clean (one of our newer company catchphrases); it’s do good, drive clean” stated Carly Klein, Director of Marketing at El Car Wash.

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About El Car Wash

Founded in 2011 and based in Miami, El Car Wash is the premier express car wash operator in Florida with over 30 operating sites and a development pipeline of 40 sites. The company is the Official Car Wash of the Miami HEAT, a partner of Baptist Health and a partner of Zoo Miami. ECW’s unlimited wash program, high-quality products, leading customer service and environmentally friendly focus have established the company as the #1 car wash company in Florida. The company completed a recapitalization with Warburg Pincus in 2022 and is actively seeking additional growth opportunities. For more information on locations, hours and partnerships, please visit  elcarwash.com or follow us on Instagram @elcarwash.