Graphene Vs Ceramic Coating Vs Wax

Making Your Vehicle Shine: What’s the Difference between Graphene, Ceramic and Wax Coatings?

Your vehicle is more than just a way to get from point A to point B. It is an investment. And with an inflated economy, maintaining your vehicle the most affordable way is probably one of your top priorities today. In Florida, locals and visitors both enjoy getting behind the wheel of some of the most amazing cars available in the world (BMW, Bentley, Jaguar, Porsche, Rolls Royce….). Needless to say, convertibles are in high volume here in the Sunshine State. And for many of these automotive enthusiasts, they feel their vehicle defines them and demand perfection non-stop.

At El Car Wash, questions arise often about which is the best car detail coating. They want to know the differences between graphene vs ceramic coating vs wax.

Graphene Vs Ceramic Coating Vs Wax

Below is a Comparison of the 3 Different Types of Car Detail Products for Protecting Your Paint

Graphene Coating

This product is light weight, but offers extremely resistant vehicle surface protection.  It is a top choice for auto detailers to implement and maintain a great shine. But is also used in products for industries, such as electronics and energy storage.  For vehicles, it improves the paint’s durability and helps to resist corrosion from bird droppings, insects and other debris. As well as, from paint scratches, and damage due to rain, the hot Florida sun, and extreme weather conditions. The Graphene Car Wash Package is our top recommendation at El Car Wash.

Ceramic Coating

  1. In addition to the automotive sector, ceramic coating is used in a wide range of products for various industries, including aerospace, electronics and construction. This material is often combined with metallic and non-metallic ingredients and is well known for its ability to harden, resist extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals. This is also a great car detail option to make your vehicle sparkle; and to prevent paint scratches and corrosion. It protects vehicles from bird droppings, insects, debris, the hot sun and harmful weather conditions. The Ceramic Car Wash Package is another top recommendation at all El Car Wash locations throughout Florida.

Hot Wax Coatings

This product is typically generated from animal fat, petroleum and plants. In addition to the use of the substance in auto detailing, it is also often used to create a protective layer in products used in other industries, such as candles, food coatings and various polishes. This is a helpful option for covering your vehicle’s paint for protection from minor scratches and water damage. It also adds a layer of gloss to make your vehicle shine. 

So, what’s the Best Detail Option?

Graphene vs Ceramic Coatings vs Wax

Deciding the best car wash detail option for you will depend on the quality of the detail you want. All of these car detail products are great ways to help to protect your vehicle’s exterior. However, as far as extreme surface protection and deciphering which is best (graphene, ceramic or wax), graphene and ceramic coatings provide much better protection to a vehicle’s paint than wax coatings. For those who are looking for a more affordable option for vehicle paint protection, a hot wax coating will offer more protection than no coating at all.

Another Way to Help Keep Your Vehicle in Premium Condition

Detailing your vehicle regularly is key to protecting its coat. However, in order to effectively maintain your vehicle in premium condition, keeping it clean on the inside and out will always offer more promising results. That’s why we have so many members in our Monthly Unlimited Car Wash plans at El Car Wash. They understand the importance of Always Driving Clean! And they SEE THE SAVINGS!!

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