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The obvious reason why people take their automobiles to a car wash is to have them cleaned professionally. Some car owners do it regularly, while others only do it after their vehicles have acquired some dirt. Regardless of the category you find yourself in; it is important that you take your automobile to El Car Wash South Kendall because that comes with several benefits. The benefits include:

Protecting Your Asset

Purchasing a car is a huge investment, and it would only be wise if you took good care of it. Your vehicle takes a significant beating from the environment and weather elements, such as acid rain, sunlight, and bird droppings. If left unattended, these elements can ruin your car’s look and even performance. Taking it to El Car Wash South Kendall means it will be cleaned following the right procedures. Besides, regular car care keeps the vehicle in good condition. With our affordable rate of below $1 per day for members, you get decent ROIs when you decide to resell it in the future.

Maintaining Your Car’s Condition

Regular car washes with El Car Wash South Kendall ensure that your car’s paint job remains as attractive and eye-catching as it was when first rolled out of the factory. We provide automated car wash services that improve and preserve the paint’s glow. At El Car Wash South Kendall you can get your wheels and tires thoroughly cleaned, get platinum hot waxing, all-weather shield, tire shine, ceramic mirror, and much more. With such detailed cleaning, your car will always be comfortable and attractive.


El Car Wash South Kendall is your professional car cleaner. We thoroughly clean your car with minimal impact on the environment, something that you can hardly achieve with a DIY approach. The chances of you wasting water at home are high, not to mention the ground runoff that combines soapy water and road grime. All these flow into water bodies, polluting them and destroying aquatic ecosystems. El Car Wash South Kendall is a fully automated car wash that utilizes an eco-friendly cleaning technology. We have elaborate drainage systems and water recycling techniques aimed at conserving the environment.

If you need services from El Car Wash South Kendall, feel free to bring your car to our express car wash facility from 8.00 am to 8.30 pm. We will be happy to care for your investment.