Are Club Car Wash Programs worth it?

Car wash clubs are now offered at a lot of local car washes in Florida. And why is that?  The answer to that question could actually be for several different factors. But probably the most prominent reason is because Florida is home to some of the most costly vehicles in the world. It’s no secret that the Sunshine State is a destination for some of the most affluent people worldwide. Many are only part-time residents. And some are here year-long. Nonetheless, even visitors choose to rent luxury vehicles, convertibles and sport cars; and also want to keep their vehicles clean while in their possession. There are also the typical Florida residents (like a majority of us) who just want to keep their vehicles (and their investments) in the best condition possible.

El Car Wash Club Car Wash Programs

What are the Benefits of Joining a Club Car Wash Program?

Club car wash plans were created for those who take their vehicles seriously. And also for individuals who depend on their cars and trucks for work; as well as parents who routinely taxi around their own children and carpools. Without an unlimited car wash plan, car washes can add up in cost quickly.

Another top reason is that valet parking is a common scenario in this region and can be very embarrassing when you are caught off guard. This is especially true for professionals who frequent meetings and dinners at five-star restaurants, hotels and other venues.

El Car Wash is the largest premium, express in Florida and offers some of the best car wash club packages.

Below are 7 Reasons Why Joining an Unlimited Monthly Car Wash Club Program at El Car Wash is Worth it:

  1. REDUCED COST: The cost for joining a monthly car wash club SAVES BIG! While the minimum cost for a typical single car wash averages around $25.00 to $30.00, car wash club plans at El Car Wash in Florida start at just $30.00 for the entire month.
  2. ABILITY TO WASH YOUR CAR EVERY DAY:  El Car Wash monthly car wash club plans allow you to wash your vehicle one time, every day, for less than $1 per day.
  3. EXTERIOR PROTECTION: Premium car wash club memberships, such as the Graphene and Ceramic Car Wash packages provide extreme protection for paint from the Florida hot sun, bird droppings, insects and other harmful debris. This is an excellent advantage to protect your investment.
  4. MULTIPLE LOCATIONS: All El Car Wash monthly members have the ability to use their club car wash plans at every El Car Wash location throughout Florida. We currently have over 40 car wash stores and have many more coming soon.
  5. FASTER SERVICE: Club members are able to access the VIP lane for automatic car washes.
  6. FREE AMENTITIES: Every El Car Wash location offers a long list of FREE amenities, including FREE car vacuums, mat cleaners, compressed air, air fresheners, dash wipes and more! Members also are eligible for monthly giveaways.
  7. ALWAYS DRIVE CLEAN: Club car wash programs allow you to avoid embarrassing situations (like surprise valet parking) and unexpected passengers.

It’s so easy to join an El Car Wash Monthly Unlimited Car Wash Club package. You can simply buy a car wash membership here online. For those who choose to try us out first with a Single Wash Package, you can also join at an El Car Wash store near you. We currently have locations in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Brevard counties.


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Stop by a nearby El Car Wash today! We look forward to seeing you. Ask about our fundraising car wash programs.